LGBTIQ in Tech


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LGBTIQ in Tech is a Slovene initiative to connect geeky queer, bisexual, trans, ace, intersex, lesbian, and gay people and offer support and encourage positive representation.

Tech for the purpose of this project include developers, designers, marketers, video editors, data scientists, entrepreneurs, growth hackers, and similar professions.

Current activities of LGBTIQ in Tech include meetups, get-togethers, co-working days, and workshops. Join our Facebook group to be included!


In everything we organise, we follow our Code of Conduct.

Even inside the LGBTIQ community, we do not all hold exactly the same amount of social equity. At the heart of our values are therefore gender equality, acknowledging our respective privileges, and being mindful of taking up space.

It’s everyone’s personal responsibility to get educated about topics like inclusivity, intersectionality, and solidarity, but we can always offer a reasonable amount of guidance and support to each other in these efforts.