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Meetups are public events organised for the community to come together, catch up, and spend sponsor money.

We know what it’s like to come to a meetup where you don’t know anyone. This is why we pay special attention to making everyone feel included.

We currently follow this meetup structure:

Easy breaking-the-ice activity

Attendees are raging about our simple break-the-ice nametag game. You’re given someone else’s nametag — your task is to locate the person it belongs to.

20-minute in-depth talks

If you need an excuse to come to this meetup, this is it. We’re not all fuzzy feelings and unicorns — we’ll also teach you useful skills.

5-minute Show-and-tell’s

Show-and-tell’s are lightning talks and pitches that serve as a way to start a conversation. We learn about what the community is up to and what they’re learning about.

Mingling & free beverages

Grab a free (non-)alcoholic drink and come chat with us! Talk to the speakers, ask questions, make friends. Business cards prohibited! (not really, but come on, this is 2017)

Our meetups are held at Slovenia’s arguably best coworking space Poligon. We are on the lookout for an accessible venue in Ljubljana.

Speak at the meetup

Want to present at the next Ljubljana meetup? Awesome! Get in touch.